Lynn LeGlaire and Rosebud

Lynn LeGlaire and Rosebud

Your house represents not just financial security but, also a sense of belonging. Helping you find that perfect home, in Los Angeles, is what I love to do.

Scoring that “diamond in the rough” property is challenging but, good fun. After all, it's not just your pocketbook at stake but also, your happiness.

I will listen. Really listen to you.

You and I will discuss your budget and time-line and, more importantly, about HOW you like to live. Is walk-ability important? Are you after a particular school district? Does ample parking out-weigh your desire for hip coffee shops? Quick freeway access a must?

You get the idea.

Once we've outlined specifics, it's time to prioritize your wants and needs within the context of complex pricing and livability options. Clear communication is key. And no rushing.

Selecting the right condo, craftsman or cool loft at the right price --with the right finishing touches-- takes skill, tenacity and an iron-clad sense of humor. After-all, Los Angeles is one the world's most expensive real estate markets. 

I have listed properties all over L.A.  Some of my favorite neighborhoods include: Koreatown,West Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, all the beach areas, Echo Park,  Silverlake, Los Feliz, and both the San Fernando and San Gabriel  Valley neighborhoods.

I am a native Angeleno who switched from fixing grammar as an English teacher to fixing chair and coffee table arrangements before showings. Real estate has had me staying after the bell for over 13 years now.

When I'm not showing houses I'm laying low in K-town with my husband, three kids and my two little dogs, Professor and Mr. X. I'm tall with long red hair. You can't miss me, nor should you.